A Weekend at Barnard

A Weekend at Barnard

A weekend at Barnard is different every week! I try to always have something planned for the weekend, mainly because it’s a nice reward from a week of hard work. There are so many things you can do in New York on any given weekend, from places to get food to museums, music, and theater. There’s also tons to do in the city for free--I love stocking up on snacks at JJ’s, walking to Central Park, and working on homework in the park and snacking for the day.

    Here’s a weekend I had recently--it was such a fun couple days!


10:10-11:25 -- Discussion section for Intro to European History 1500-1789

11:30-1:10 -- Ate lunch and studied for a German test

1:10-2:25 -- German test (tried not to cry because foreign languages are HARD.)

2:30-6 -- Worked on homework to get ahead for the weekend. Or, many afternoons, nap.

6:15 -- Grab dinner with a friend

6:45 -- Meet up with group to see Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway! I won tickets through a program called Urban NY which gives away tickets to events in the city in a lottery. Fiddler in the Roof is my favorite musical and it was so exciting to see it (especially because it was free!)


10:00 -- Starting the day off right - went to the Barnard gym, which is just steps from my dorm.

12:00-6 -- Spent the day studying with my friend in Butler Stacks. Butler Stacks is one of my favorite spots to study in because it’s quiet and calming, and easy to escape. I take a break every two hours and take a couple laps around Butler. I had tons of studying to do because of proximity to final exams!

8:00 -- My friend and I got tickets to go see MØ with my friend at Terminal 5 and it was a blast! It was a great show and so much fun to dance and hang out with one of my best friends.


11:00 -- I took advantage of my Sunday and slept in and stay in bed until the last possible second.

1:00 -- I went to brunch with a family friend at a French bistro (Pro tip: TAKE ALL THE FREE MEALS YOU CAN GET.)

3:00-8:00 -- Finish up studying and work on a group project with my group member

8:00-12:00 -- Do laundry, curl up in bed and watch Criminal Minds until it's too late and I can’t keep my eyes open.


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