Wellness at Barnard

Wellness at Barnard

For many first-year students, transitioning to college and moving to this big city can be stressful: being away from home, making new friends, tackling academic work -- it’s inevitable to feel overwhelmed at some point! Don’t ever hesitate to reach out for help if you need it. Here at Barnard, there are many resources offered on campus to help you stay well. About 3/4 of Barnard students have utilized these resources at least once for help, support, or just a comfortable place to talk about life:

1. The Rosemary Furman Counseling Center

Located on the first floor of Hewitt Hall (in the Quad), Rosemary Furman Counseling Center offers professional and confidential individual counseling, group counseling, listening hours, and referrals for therapy or medication to all students. If you are under any kind of stress that is impacting your day-to-day functioning during your time at Barnard, you can schedule a meeting with a counselor at Furman who can help you work through and solve the problem. At Furman, you can also find support groups on different topics monitored by trained group therapists.

Learn more about Rosemary Furman Counseling Center here.

2. Well-Woman

The Well-Woman Health Promotion Program is located on the first floor of Reid Hall (in the Quad), so it’s really convenient for first-year students to drop by. In their office, you can meet with the Well-Woman staff or trained Peer Educators, explore wellness resources and information, or just relax in the massage chair (yes they have a massage chair for you) with a cup of tea. It is a safe and comfortable space if you wish to de-stress and to talk. Additionally, Well-Woman hosts workshops and programs on a variety of topics like healthy eating, body image, stress reduction, healthy relationships, etc.

Learn more about Well-Woman here.

3. Nightline Peer Listening

Nightline Peer Listening is a student organization for both Columbia and Barnard students. During the academic year, Nightline is available between 10pm - 3am to provide support (anonymously) and to create a safe space to explore what’s on your mind. From academic stress, to roommate conflicts, to relationship struggles — no problem is too big or too small. There will always be someone there to listen when you need support.

Learn more about Nightline Peer Listening here.

4. FitBear

The mind/body connection is strong and improved wellness includes a bit of physical activity! FitBear classes are hosted on campus and are open to all Barnard students. From yoga, to zumba, to cardio kickboxing, there are many options to suit your workout style.

Learn more about FitBear here.

I hope these resources help you if you need some support during your time at Barnard!

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